Here is the KVERNELAND news presented at SIMA.

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SIMA Special Mention Award 2017, 2500 i-Plough®:

The new 2500 i-Plough® shows no less than 10 innovations. The highlights:

  • 100% ISOBUS. Compatible with any ISOBUS terminals
  • Comfort of use: all settings from the cab
  • Swap from transport to work modes - all at the touch of a button
  • Safe transport solution
  • Centralised adjustment of skimmers, quick and accurate 
  • FURROWcontrol® for straight furrows in all conditions

Kverneland Turbo

After the successful launch of the trailed version, Kverneland is introducing the mounted Turbo, available in working widths of 3.00m and 3.50m. The Turbo can be used for all seasons: in spring for opening the soil after the winter time (air drying up) or destroying grass land, in summer for stubbling operations (first pass or second pass), and in autumn/winter for seedbed preparation before seeding/planting. The Turbo is the versatile cultivator essential for all operations! Available from spring 2017.

Kverneland H-series

The Kverneland H series is a robust and medium sized power harrow for high performance in almost all conditions. Reduced weight and increased strength of the horizontal transmission are the main features of the new H series whilst maintaining the interchangeability of the main components and integrations with the Kverneland seeders. Simple adjustments together with excellent field performance make it especially user-friendly.


Kverneland Optima TFprofi

The Optima TFprofi performs strongly with just small tractor requirements! The Optima TFprofi is equipped with 8 HD seeding rows with e-drive II and a fertiliser hopper of 2,000 litres. The hopper is placed on optional weigh cells and the metering system is driven by a hydraulic motor. This equipment increases the comfort of seeding and optimises the precision of the fertiliser metering. Due to the pneumatic or hydraulic brake system, transport speed up to 40km/h is possible. Equipped with 4 tires (optional) and due to an intelligent cylinder system, the TFprofi follows the ground contour perfectly.

Kverneland u-drill

The u-drill is a trailed seed drill available in 3.0m, 4.0m rigid and 6.0m folding working width to carry out seedbed preparation, levelling, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass. The focus in design has been especially given to high speed operation (10-18km/h) whilst ensuring a perfect seed placement. The hopper can easily be filled using big bags and a front loader or telescopic handler. For the 6m version a filling auger is available. With the easily accessible ELDOS metering device, application rates from 1 to 400kg/ha are possible depending on working width and speed.

Kverneland e-drill compact & e-drill maxi

These two models allow seedbed preparation, re-compaction and sowing in one pass. The e-drill compact is offered with a hopper capacity of up to 1400 litres, the e-drill maxi up to 2000 litres. A parallelogram and a quadruple joint of the e-drill ensure the optimum adjustment of the power harrow and coulterbar for a precise seed application. Important: the adjustment of the power harrow has no impact on the coulterbar respectively the sowing depth. For utmost flexibility, the coulter bar can be easily coupled and uncoupled from the coupling hook via Euro-Connection.

Kverneland ts-drill.

User-friendly and cost efficient, the new-generation Kverneland tine seeder, the ts-drill, is available in 4m, 4.8m, 5m, 5.6m and 6m working widths. Especially in extreme conditions, the advantages of the ts-drill become evident. The intelligent arrangement of the seeding tines over five rows allows the ts-drill to place the seeds accurately into the seedbed. The flexibility of the ts-drill allows its operation after the plough as well as with conservation tillage. With the easily accessible new electric driven metering device ELDOS, Kverneland is setting new standards.


High Speed Spreading with the TLX GEOSPREAD

The Kverneland Exacta TLX GEOSPREAD comes with a newly designed CentreFlow system with 8 capacity vanes on each disc for a perfect overlap, no matter how fast you are driving. With 2 metre section control, 4 load cells and a reference sensor, this Kverneland spreader can do high speed spreading under all circumstances! The Exacta TLX is an ISOBUS spreader and can be operated by the IsoMatch Tellus, IsoMatch Tellus GO or any ISOBUS compatible tractor terminal.

GEOSPREAD for the Medium Sized Market Segment

Also new to the market is the Kverneland Exacta CL GEOSPREAD. This medium size spreader is ideal for arable farmers and professional dairy farmers. The GEOSPREAD system does section control with sections of only 2 metres. With a maximum of 14 sections and the possibility to switch sections over the middle, unnecessary overlap is set to an absolute minimum. The Exacta CL GEOSPREAD is an ISOBUS compatible spreader with a hopper capacity of 1,100 up to 2,450 litres.


Kverneland 3336 MT Vario – Race car Technology Applied to Mower Conditioners

The all-new 3336 MT Vario provides 3.6m working width, hydraulic adjustment of overlap and the new innovative QuattroLink race car suspension concept. The mowing unit is suspended by four suspension arms, allowing the mowing unit to independently float over the field, and adjust accurately to differing ground contours. The mowing pattern is extremely flexible with a vertical working range of 400mm up and 300mm down and a transverse working range of 30°. Hydraulic SideShift allows the mowing unit to be adjusted 400mm sideways. To easily compensate for changing field conditions, the adjustable SideShift overlap is designed as a telescopic arm, directly into the suspension.

In addition to these innovations many "best sellers" will also be present on our stand ... visit our stand to have a look !