Here is the VICON news presented at SIMA.

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EXTRA 732T-732R – The New QuattroLink Suspension

Vicon is unveiling a new member to its newly released EXTRA 700 series. The new EXTRA 732 is a powerful 3.16m mower conditioner with superb ground tracking, thanks to the new innovative QuattroLink suspension concept. The mowing pattern of the EXTRA 732 is extremely flexible with a vertical working range of 400mm up and 300mm down and a transverse adaptation range of 30°. Position of the mowing unit can be adjusted infinitely within a 150mm span on the carrying arm, allowing cutting position of the EXTRA 732 to match the working width of the front mounted mower conditioner or rear wheels of the tractor. The new EXTRA 732 is available with SemiSwing steel tine conditioning or rubber roller conditioning.

Fanex 684 and 904 – Maintenance-Free Tedding

Fanex 684 and 904 feature an exceptionally powerful driveline concept and a strong and sturdy design, paired with compact transport dimensions. The complete tedder, except PTO to tractor, is 100% maintenance-free. Also adding to both durability and design is the implementation of aluminium rail guards, which are low in weight, but still extremely resistant. The driveline is a winning combination of u-joints and finger clutch joints. U-joints on the inside rotors where stress and torque is at the highest and on the two outer rotors HexaLink finger clutch system in the joints. This supports the new clever folding mechanism, that allow these tedders to fold into a very compact transport position.

Vicon Andex 904 Pro – Take Full Control with New ComfortKit
The Vicon Andex 904 is now available in a Pro version with the new ComfortKit, a handheld joystick control that brings all control functions into one solution, including electronic control of rotor height, supporting the driver in keeping dirt out of the swath and feed material. The height of each rotor is controlled electronically, and the actual height of each rotor is shown on the screen of the control box. In this way fine tuning of rotor height and work result is easily done on the go. The Andex 904 offers 9m working width and yet a transport height of less than 4m.

SIMA Special Mention Awards 2017: AFC Auto Feed Control

Designed to increase baler productivity as well as operator comfort, AFC takes the stress out of producing even, well-shaped bales. When working with a variable chamber baler in narrow or small windrows, there is a need for the operator to consciously fill each side of the bale chamber in order to produce an even bale shape. AFC takes over this task by utilising data taken from the balers driving indication system. Instead of giving the driver a signal to drive to the left or the right, the system automatically steers the baler to evenly fill the bale chamber.

SIMA Special Mention Awards 2017: HSP High Speed Pack

Vicon has now upgraded the performance of the BW2100C and BW2600C bale wrapper models with the introduction of twin film dispensers and the addition of a clever new system to optimise turntable rotation speed. The new High Speed Pack (HSP) now brings the output capacity of a turntable wrapper to a higher level and at the same time reduces stress on the operator, who can safely operate the machine at peak efficiency at all times and in all conditions.

The FastBale

Latest enhancements to the non-stop bale production process include a bale tipping kit to place bales on their side after being released from the wrapper, and the development of a film-on-film applicator kit for those looking to avoid the use of net to secure the bale. The FastBale represents two world firsts: it is currently the World’s only non-stop fixed chamber baler and secondly, it is the World’s only non-stop fixed chamber baler wrapper combination. Machine layout is truly innovative with two chambers arranged in series, allowing a number of rollers to be shared.


High Speed Spreading with the RO-XXL GEOSPREAD

The Vicon RO-XXL GEOSPREAD comes with a newly designed RotaFlow system with 8 capacity vanes on each disc ensuring a perfect overlap, no matter how fast you are driving.  With 2 metre section control, 4 load cells and a reference sensor, this Vicon spreader can do high speed spreading under all circumstances! The RO-XXL GEOSPREAD is an ISOBUS spreader and can be operated by the IsoMatch Tellus, IsoMatch Tellus GO or any other ISOBUS compatible tractor terminal.


GEOSPREAD for the Medium Sized Market Segment

The RO-M GEOSPREAD has a hopper capacity of 1,100 up to 2,450 litres. This GEOSPREAD spreader is designed for the medium sized spreader segment for arable farmers and professional dairy farmers. The GEOSPREAD system makes it possible to manually or automatically adjust the working width very quickly and accurately via an ISOBUS terminal. With the possibility of section control with sections of 2 metres (max. 14 sections) it is possible to switch sections over the middle, so that unnecessary overlap is set to an absolute minimum.


The iXter A – the Power of Simplicity

The iXter A will be added to the mounted field sprayer range. The iXter A is available with 800, 1000 and 1200 litre tank capacity in combination with two different boom types: the HOSA aluminium spray boom (15m) and the HC boom (18-20-21m). Pumps are available with capacities of 100, 150 and 200 l/min. The iXter A is an easy to operate sprayer with the control panel, chemical inductor, hand wash tank and clean cloth locker all on the same side of the sprayer. Operation can be made easy with the simple electric Remote Control or the easy-to-use FlowMate Control spray computer.


VICON Airsem XTE compact & maxi
These two models allow seedbed preparation, re-compaction and sowing in one pass. The Airsem XTE compact is offered with a hopper capacity of up to 1,400 litres, the Airsem XTE maxi up to 2,000 litres. The positive centre of gravity reduces the requirement of lifting power. A parallelogram and a quadruple joint of the Airsem ensure the optimum adjustment of the power harrow and coulterbar for a precise seed application. Important: the adjustment of the power harrow has no impact on the coulterbar respectively the sowing depth.



Vicon Toptiller TT-H, the new VICON power harrow

The Toptiller TT-H is a robust and medium sized power harrow for high performance in almost all conditions. Reduced weight and increased strength of the horizontal transmission are the main features of the Toptiller TT-H whilst maintaining the interchangeability of the main components and integrations with the Vicon seeders. Simple adjustments together with excellent field performance make it especially user-friendly.

Vicon Flextiller

After the successful launch of the trailed version, Vicon is introducing the Flextiller as mounted model available in working widths of 3.00m and 3.50m. The Flextiller can be used for all seasons: in spring for opening the soil after the winter time (air drying up) or destroying grass land, in summer for stubbling operations (first pass or second pass), and in autumn/winter for seedbed preparation before seeding/planting. The Flextiller is the versatile cultivator essential for all operations without making a pan! The Flextiller will be available from spring 2017.

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